Publication Day!

UK DS cover

Today is publication day for the latest edition of the Russell Memoirs, Dreaming Spies.                     As Ms King’s web page describes it: For years now, readers of the Russell Memoirs have wondered about the tantalizing mentions of Japan.  Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes had spent three weeks … [Read more...]

The Illustrated Russell & Holmes

Dreaming Haiku

A portfolio of art works that illustrate my adventures with Holmes is now available from my literary agent and editor, Laurie R. King.  The portfolio comprises ten pieces that she has composed with others over the years, and includes a lovely and heretofore unseen illustrated haiku couplet, celebrating the upcoming publication (February 17) of my memoir, Dreaming Spies.  The complete set of … [Read more...]

A giveaway


It has come to my attention that the publishing house of my literary agent, Random House, are sponsoring a drawing for one of those remarkable devices known as iPad Mini, that comes equipped with a complete set of the Laurie R. King "Mary Russell novels".  One need not even perform a task to enter this contest, merely put one’s name down, here. … [Read more...]

About Dreaming Spies

Those readers anticipating the upcoming publication of my memoir that is being called “Dreaming Spies” may like to follow the descriptions of my literary agent, Laurie R. King.  As usual, she presents herself as the actual author of the books, hence approaching the material as if it were research.  An amusing conceit, I think you will agree.  Her blog posts are here. … [Read more...]

A Twitter party invitation

Twitter party invitation

Those of you active on “Twitter” may already know that I, too, am often to be found thereon, in competition for the oldest Tweeter.  (Holmes, long a devotee of the telegraphic style of prose, finds looking over my shoulder sufficiently amusing.)  My identity on Twitter is @Mary_Russell, and I would like to invite you to a party at that address on this coming Saturday, 17 January, at 9:00 in … [Read more...]