A giveaway

It has come to my attention that the publishing house of my literary agent, Random House, are sponsoring a drawing for one of those remarkable devices known as iPad Mini, that comes equipped with a complete set of the Laurie R. King “Mary Russell novels”.  One need not even perform a task to enter this contest, merely put one’s name down, here (http://atrandom NULL.com/dreaming-spies/).


  1. Patrice Rodriguez says:

    What a dream gift!

  2. Dianna Lindsay says:

    I have just found you Laura and enjoy your writing very much. I’ve only read Foley so far…stayed up until 5 AM
    and finally gave up to sleep. Plan on reading all your books now.

    • Mary Russell says:

      Thank you for you post. If you enjoy Ms King’s novels, might I suggest you visit her website at here (http://www NULL.laurierking NULL.com) where there is information on all her books.


  3. Phyllis Cooper says:

    Laurie, I am so impressed with the Mary Russell series I believe I’ve become addicted.

    I read Folly some time ago having discarded it the first time as being perhaps depressing. I came across it at our Library again and decided to plunge in. What a great read. It was a while after starting the Mary Russell series that I realized that you were the author of both.

    Thank you for such great entertainment and excellent writing.


    • Mary Russell says:

      I will pass your praise on to my literary agent. It is true she is an excellent author in her own right, and she is a great help to me as I bring my scribbled notes into something that might be published.



  4. Alice Olsen says:

    I am really enjoying the Mary Russell books. My favorite so far is O Jerusalem. I lived in the Arab world and have visited Jerusalem so even though this is set in 1919, it still rings true to me. I’ve read 6 so far and am looking forward to the rest of the series!

  5. Barb Van Eck says:

    I’ve relished reading about your adventures over the years. Many thanks to you, Mary, and to Laurie. You are inspirations!

  6. Lori Kuhl says:

    Just discovered your books, by way of my local book club. It was love at first read, and now I am working my way through the whole series. They were just exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

    • Mary Russell says:

      **My blushes** You are too kind. I hope you enjoy all of my memoirs. Please visit my literary agent’s website at:http://www.laurierking.com/ (http://www NULL.laurierking NULL.com/)



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