A Twitter party invitation

Those of you active on “Twitter” may already know that I, too, am often to be found thereon, in competition for the oldest Tweeter.  (Holmes, long a devotee of the telegraphic style of prose, finds looking over my shoulder sufficiently amusing.)  My identity on Twitter is @Mary_Russell, and I would like to invite you to a party at that address on this coming Saturday, 17 January, at 9:00 in the evening Sussex time.  

For my American friends, this translates to 4:00 in the afternoon on the American East Coast, 3:00 Central, 2:00 Mountain, and 1:00 Pacific time.  These events are always both exhilarating and exhausting, and this year’s theme is Japan.  Mrs Hudson promises Japanese tea, however, raw fish and cold rice are not in her kitchen repertoire.

If you would like to see a sizable portion of the Memoir being celebrated during this party, Ms King has been posting them, here (http://www NULL.laurierking NULL.com/books/book-excerpts/dreaming-spies-2).

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