The Mary Russell Companion

I understand that Ms King and a number of her “Team” have assembled a Companion for the Mary Russell Memoirs. No doubt it is filled with any number of impertinent and intrusive items, however, I agree that a scholarly volume of annotations and commentary is needed, if for no other reason that to give a place to consult when questions and speculations arise. As yet, it is only an e-book, but … [Read more...]

Long Live Libraries!

I do not always fully agree with the techniques and sentiments of my literary agent, Ms King, but in one thing we are of a single mind: both of us are filled with adoration for libraries. Therefore I offer my full support of Ms King’s eminently practical and concrete means of expressing that affection: she is thanking them in their own language, in books. The 20th Anniversary of the … [Read more...]

A noteworthy anniversary


When one has reached my admittedly considerable age, an anniversary of a mere twenty years falls somewhat short of earthshaking.  Nonetheless, the past two decades have not been lacking in either interest or event, and I agreed with Ms King that it would be appropriate to mark the occasion. May I begin by thanking those of you who have enjoyed my Memoirs, and demonstrated that pleasure in such … [Read more...]

On Monsoons and desert places

Note from the editor: This blog post, clearly intended to be posted during the late summer of 2012, was either lost in transit, or (a more sinister possibility) squelched by Authority.  In either case, it has come to light, and here finds its audience. ** At last, I have locked myself into a quiet corner away from importunate husbands and demanding Prime Ministers, having done my part to … [Read more...]

You Are Cordially Invited To An Evening Of Moroccan Festivities


Although I have spent much of the last month in A Location Not to Be Revealed, I must assert my right to have my friends to my own home. Therefore, you are hereby invited to join Holmes and me for a garden party in our Sussex home, on 19 August. The festivities will be on a Moroccan theme, in honour of the setting of Garment of Shadows, which means that Mrs. Hudson is currently firmly … [Read more...]