Becoming a ghost

Long, long ago, a quite real man, Sherlock Holmes, was gradually edged into a state of fictionalisation by his flat-mate and partner, John Watson.  By the time I met Holmes in 1915, his story-land identity had come to the fore.  People would laugh (a trifle uncomfortably) at the idea that he might indeed be the Sherlock Holmes.

This ghostly identity, this uncertain boundary between truth and fiction, came to infect me as well, to the point that occasionally I wondered if I were a flesh-and-blood person or a figment of imagination.  It was a most peculiar sensation, that uncertainty.

I now find that, given the title of the current Memoir—The Murder of Mary Russell—my faithful audience believes me to be long dead.  This raises the uncomfortable problem of who then is writing this, and who is this person Tweeting as Mary_Russell (https://twitter

What a very interesting conundrum.

One assumes Ms King, my literary agent, has an opinion on the matter, and perhaps she will address it in her series of blog posts concerning the book, which can be found here (http://www NULL.laurierking

One also understands that she, rather than I, will be signing copies of my memoir—or rather, the “novel”—for readers who wish her mark upon them.  This is just as well since shipping thousands of hardback novels into the depths of Sussex makes a hardship for the postal workers.  The excellent vendors from whom you may buy copies may be found on the book’s web page, here (http://www NULL.laurierking ).

(The Murder of Mary Russell is available for pre-order, signed by Ms King, from Bookshop Santa Cruz (http://www NULL.bookshopsantacruz or Poisoned Pen Books (http://store NULL.poisonedpen NULL.tviewer&using_sb=status&qsb=keyword&so=oh&qs=9780804177900&x=1&y=2&searchtype=keyword), and unsigned or ebook at: Bookshop (http://www NULL.bookshopsantacruz  (http://www NULL.barnesandnoble or Amazon/Kindle (http://www


  1. Wade Taylor says:

    I just listened to the Memoir, and a person is murdered and Mary Russell was involved. However the account is odd from the beginning. I will say nothing more because I don’t want to spoil the mystery for anyone else. I will say I was not surprised by who killed whom. The narrative style left no doubt in my mind. This is the best account yet.

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