“Beekeeping for Beginners”

Dear friends, after something of an absence, I return to find that this is shaping up to be quite a busy few months!  Books and stories abound, and although it is quite gratifying that readers continue to show an interest in my life (which, I must agree, has been both long and interesting) and in my memoirs.

I see that one of the lesser manuscripts (lesser in length alone—there are elements of considerable interest in it) will be published in an electronic format on 6 July.  The publishers have given it the whimsical title “Beekeeping for Beginners,” since the story describes the earliest days of my relationship with Sherlock Holmes—but told from his point of view.  Some years ago, Holmes drew up notes concerning our meeting, and I found it amusing that his memory was so very different from my own.  Perhaps the two versions should be told in counterpoint.

In any event, “Beekeeping for Beginners” will be available July 6—although in the meantime, you can remind yourself of my own version of that meeting, here (http://www NULL.laurierking NULL.com/books/book-excerpts/the-beekeepers-apprentice).

And in September, the next volume of my memoirs will be out, both in the US and in the UK.  Ms King will be writing about the book on her newsletter, and giving away advanced copies through that venue—if you are interested in winning one of those early copies, make sure you are signed up for her newsletter, here (http://www NULL.laurierking NULL.com).

Finally, I would like to extend an invitation to the garden party Holmes and I will host on August 21, on Twitter.  Last year’s Twitter party was such a success, we thought we would enjoy another one, and this year we shall risk holding it out of doors on the terrace of our Sussex home.  No more hiding behind the aspidistra!  Details will come later.


  1. B. Harris says:

    Miss Russell & Ms King–Greetings! I get a big kick from reading your memoirs and suspense novels.I have read through your memoirs twice(starting with #10, of course)and just finished The Art of Detection.The subtle sense of humor, human strengths & human frailties make every detail so life-like. I am a public welfare benefit caseworker in Maryland and I feel like an investigator at times(no d. b’s though). I am looking forward to Pirate King and Beekeeping for beginners. I hope our son can help me to manage the e-book stuff. On youtube, I’ve heard some of your appearances at Howard Co library, and you seem like a very nice person, very quick on your feet with the interesting questions about religion, the age differences between spouses, and writing/historical & geographical references. In your “spare time”(after your thousand and one other duties are done), have you read the “Ladies #1 detective agency” series by that guy? How did he get the female Botswana perspective?Thank you both so much for sharing so much!! I am challenged-technically–I hope this e-mail finds its way to you both!!!

    • Mary Russell says:

      Thank you for your comment, B. Harris. It is always a pleasure to hear from a reader. In response to you question I read little fiction and can’t comment on this author’s work.

      As you may know, Ms King is my literary agent, and does not respond on this, my blog page. I will pass on your comment about her novel “The Art of Detection. You can leave a comment on her blog page here (http://laurierking NULL.com/blogs)

      I hope your son is able to help you with downloading “Beekeeping for Beginners.” Having a young person with technical skills is the only way I am able, at my great age, to use computers and these new social media sites. One of Patrick Mason’s great grandsons is quite adept at all things regarding computers. He helps me quite often.


      Mary Russell

  2. Alannah says:

    -Ms. Russell

    I love the stories, and I have continued to cycle through them. I have read the whole canon (I suppose it could be called as such, what would you call it?) at least six times now in the course of two years. I became aquainted with the stories because of one particular day going to garage sales in 2010. The man holding the sale had the first two of the books in paperback as well as a complete Sherlock Holmes (I could not resist anything to do with Sherlock Holmes so I eagerly bought them). Since then I cannot resist when any of your tales or anything relating to you comes up. I have told all my friends about the books (and while none of them read the books as much as I do, they love them as well). I admire you greatly Ms. Russell, and your husband, you both have been great inspirations to me. I send my high regards to the both of you.


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