Beekeeping for Beginners

I see that, although this has been a topic of some discussion on Twitter, I have not addressed here the question of the point of view found in “Beekeeping for Beginners.” I did not, clearly, know the details of the early weeks of our acquaintance for many years, until Holmes decided that I would not be offended by his having kept information from me.
In truth, at first I was taken aback, but once I mused on it, I saw the humour in it: that my younger self was so very certain that she knew what was going on, while at the same time there was an entire sub-stratum of life beneath her feet.
As it stands now, the story combines notes that Holmes made of this proto-case with elements of my own recollection, shaped into a narrative by my literary agent, Ms Laurie King.
Holmes, having had limited experience with the publication of his own words, is pleased at the reception of this tale, although regarding himself as above such things, he would never admit it aloud.

And to entertain you until next I post with news of the next volume, perhaps you would enjoy the videos, for “Beekeeping for Beginners” and Pirate King:


  1. avid reader says:

    For some reason, i feel that Holmes isn’t the type to poison himself. He was an endless mind. For example, if he were to be on a case, he wouldn’t sleep until he got the answer right? The same with his bees, so if he were occupied with his bees, and Mycroft could put him on a case anytime when needed, why was he depressed? However, i love this. Mrs Russell, you’re a legend!

    • Mary Russell says:

      Holmes is a man who needs stimulation, action and a purpose. According to him, he felt he had no hope of any of these things…until he met a cheeky youth on the Sussex downs one day in early April 1915. Whether or not he would have made the decision to end his life was just an option at that point, but one he was considering, according to him.

      Thank you for your comment and your overly enthusiastic support.

  2. russellfan says:

    I LOVED this!!! Such an interesting divergence of perspectives. Will there be more to come from Holmes’ viewpoint? My favorite parts of the books are the hints and covert information about the relationship between Holmes and Russell.

    • Mary Russell says:

      Thank you. Holmes was very reticent about allowing the use of his notes for this novella, but the response has been so good he may relent and allow others in this vein. Thank you for your support.


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