“Mary Russell’s War & other stories”

Russell's War cover

Those of you who have enjoyed my shorter pieces over the years, as well as those of you who have not been able to read them for lack of an electronic reader, will be pleased to hear that my editor and literary agent, Laurie R. King, is publishing an anthology of the collected stories, titled Mary Russell’s War and Other Stories of Suspense.  It will be published as an e-book and as in paper, … [Read more...]

Beekeeping for Beginners


I see that, although this has been a topic of some discussion on Twitter, I have not addressed here the question of the point of view found in “Beekeeping for Beginners.” I did not, clearly, know the details of the early weeks of our acquaintance for many years, until Holmes decided that I would not be offended by his having kept information from me. In truth, at first I was taken aback, but … [Read more...]

Release of the E-Novella “Beekeeping For Beginners”

Dear friends, forgive me for venturing a reminder that the short volume of Russell memoirs with the rather whimsical title Beekeeping for Beginners is available now through a number of electronic book sellers: a page with that information for those in the US can be found HERE and if you are in the UK you can access the information from the UK publisher's page HERE Beekeeping For Beginners is, … [Read more...]

One Week To Release of “Beekeeping for Beginners”


Both of my literary agent’s publishers, Bantam in the US and Allison & Busby in the UK, have come up with very attractive “covers” (can an ephemeral book be said to have a cover?) for their e-books of Beekeeping for Beginners, scheduled for release on July 6. Some pre-ordering information is here and more will be posted there soon. … [Read more...]

Piratical Shenanigans

Those of you looking forward to the publication of the next volume of my memoirs may enjoy reading an early excerpt from each of the upcoming volumes, which have just been posted onto the site of my literary agent, Laurie R. King. A piece of the “novella” Beekeeping for Beginners can be found here, while the beginning of September’s Pirate King is here. Beekeeping for Beginners will be … [Read more...]