My Readers’ Talents


Ms King has asked me to draw attention to her annual library contest, the subject of which this year is the rather presumptuous: “How The Beekeeper’s Apprentice Changed my Life.” When I protested that the underlying assumption was a bit, as the British term has it, cheeky, she agreed to an alternative: “When I First Met Mary Russell, She…” Ms King is happy to take a … [Read more...]

Next Year’s Memoir — Dreaming Spies

Dreaming Spies

I have been sent the cover art for the upcoming volume of my memoirs, which has been given the whimsical title of Dreaming Spies. The story takes place in two times and in two settings (three, if one counts the shipboard travel). The first setting is in Japan during the spring of 1924, when Holmes and I were asked to assist in a case for the Emperor of Japan. The other portions describe events … [Read more...]

Long Live Libraries!

I do not always fully agree with the techniques and sentiments of my literary agent, Ms King, but in one thing we are of a single mind: both of us are filled with adoration for libraries. Therefore I offer my full support of Ms King’s eminently practical and concrete means of expressing that affection: she is thanking them in their own language, in books. The 20th Anniversary of the … [Read more...]

Eight Weeks and Counting


Oh dear, one does begin these projects with the very best of intentions, and then Life intervenes and before any time at all, one is off in Switzerland or being consulted on a case in Costa Rica and the communication with friends suffers. And here I meant to keep you all abreast of these cases on which Holmes and I are asked to advise. However, now that the Olympics are about to descend on the … [Read more...]


I should like to welcome you to my web page, the Mary Russell blog. I ought, perhaps, to have created an independent page long ago—suited to an independent woman, one might say—but I find even at my great age, life does not give one as much leisure as one might wish. However, here it is, and here I am. I shall not post here with any great frequency, brevity being both the soul of wit and … [Read more...]