Mary Russell’s War and Other Stories

A collection of my shorter memoirs will be released this month in the United States, in the electronic form on Tuesday, to be followed by a paper format later in the month. (The UK version will follow somewhat later this autumn, apologies for the delay.)  I hope you enjoy the stories in this collection, I find it nice to have them all together in one volume at last. The dates and events … [Read more...]

“Mary Russell’s War & other stories”

Russell's War cover

Those of you who have enjoyed my shorter pieces over the years, as well as those of you who have not been able to read them for lack of an electronic reader, will be pleased to hear that my editor and literary agent, Laurie R. King, is publishing an anthology of the collected stories, titled Mary Russell’s War and Other Stories of Suspense.  It will be published as an e-book and as in paper, … [Read more...]

Mary Russell’s War

Mary Russell's War cover4

One hundred years ago, the armies in Europe were locked head to head all along a line from the North Sea to Switzerland.  In the past twelve months, hundreds of thousands had fallen, soldiers and civilians alike.  An entire swath of Europe lay devastated, the technology of War was building. And I met Sherlock Holmes. The e-book Mary Russell’s War, which my agent, Laurie King, has helped to … [Read more...]

My War


A series of juvenilia is appearing as an ongoing series of posts on the blog of my literary agent, Laurie R. King.  Each Monday, she adds one more of the weekly journal posts I kept a century ago, beginning with the declaration of War in August, 1914.  Reading it is an occasionally amusing, sometimes painful, evocation of those early months of the Great War, from the perspective of a young … [Read more...]