Memoir publication day

Murder UK low res

Today marks the publication of my fourteenth full-length Memoir, which bears the rather whimsical title of The Murder of Mary Russell. One supposes that my audience is intended to speculate that, if I was murdered in 1925, who then has been posting here and on Twitter? It is indeed an interesting conundrum, and one that reading the current Memoir may help to solve. I trust, and hope, that … [Read more...]

Becoming a ghost

Long, long ago, a quite real man, Sherlock Holmes, was gradually edged into a state of fictionalisation by his flat-mate and partner, John Watson.  By the time I met Holmes in 1915, his story-land identity had come to the fore.  People would laugh (a trifle uncomfortably) at the idea that he might indeed be the Sherlock Holmes. This ghostly identity, this uncertain boundary between truth and … [Read more...]


Tombstone_ Bob Rude

I am well accustomed to being left out of the discussions between my literary agent, Laurie King, and her publishers when it comes to business matters, however, so long as my name is not besmirched or hordes of come to invade my Sussex home, I am happy for them to get on with things. However, this time they may have gone too far.  A contest, speculating over my Times obituary?! Not only that, … [Read more...]