You Are Cordially Invited To An Evening Of Moroccan Festivities

Although I have spent much of the last month in A Location Not to Be Revealed, I must assert my right to have my friends to my own home. Therefore, you are hereby invited to join Holmes and me for a garden party in our Sussex home, on 19 August.


The festivities will be on a Moroccan theme, in honour of the setting of Garment of Shadows (http://www NULL.laurierking, which means that Mrs. Hudson is currently firmly ensconced in a series of cookery books. The mint tea is giving her particularly difficulties, so I have suggested that I take over that portion of the menu—having watched the leader of the Rif Rebellion making mint tea, I believe it is not beyond my capabilities.

In any event, please join us, and if you have a djelleba or a fez in your wardrobe, please feel free to wear them.

In the meantime, I shall be Tweeting snippets of Garment of Shadows (http://www NULL.laurierking, for your amusement, from 20-29 July. During that time, Ms. King’s staff will be drawing one name a day for ten days, taken from those who send an @reply (@mary_russell) to my own Twitter account (http://www NULL.twitter ( on the previous day. Each of those fortunate souls will receive an Advanced Readers Copy of the book. I am unsure if this indicates that the copies are going to advanced readers, or if the copy is in advance of the publishing dates, but in any event, my Twitter followers—advanced or not—have a chance to win one.


  1. Melinda says:

    Though unnecessary, please consider this my formal RSVP to confirm I’m attending and very much looking forward to it.

    By ‘very much looking forward to it’, I mean I’m ridiculously excited about it and will seek out an appropriate costume in the next week.

  2. Fan of Deduction says:

    I will bring a fez and rain coat, and I cant wait to hear the weirdly named flute and eat scones ( I like lemon scones)

  3. The Duke of Holdernesse says:

    I’d be delighted to attend your party and accept your invitation with much pleasure but I should be most grateful if you would kindly let me have the Street Address of your home so I can drive there.

    In August, it will be dark by 2100.

    Most Garden Parties are earlier in the day. May I urge you to consider re-arranging the start time.

    • Mary Russell says:

      There will be lights and a tent so no matter the lateness of the hour we still gather and have a very nice time. This is my third twitter party in as many years and each has been well attended and enjoyed by all. The hour has never hindered anyone from attending. The information of how to attend is on the invitation. I hope to see you there.


  4. Fan of Deduction says:

    wait so no animals right? or can I bring a dog even though there’s a cat in the book? she is very well behaved unless there is a tennis ball or frisbe

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