Mary Russell’s War

One hundred years ago, the armies in Europe were locked head to head all along a line from the North Sea to Switzerland.  In the past twelve months, hundreds of thousands had fallen, soldiers and civilians alike.  An entire swath of Europe lay devastated, the technology of War was building.

And I met Sherlock Holmes.

The e-book Mary Russell’s War, which my agent, Laurie King, has helped to prepare out of my youthful wartime journal, is on sale today, on Kindle, here (http://www*Version*=1&*entries*=0), and on Nook and other formats here (https://www NULL.smashwords

I hope you enjoy reading of my early days, before the innocence of Mary Russell, and the world at large, was crushed beneath the machines of War.


  1. Lillian Jeskey-Lubag says:

    PLEASE, won’t you publish Mary Russell’s war in HARD COPY? Some of us just prefer our paper

  2. lillian jeskey-lubag says:

    PLEASE,PLEASE there are older adults who literally cannot afford electronic devices. I know one such person and she loves Mary Russell. How can I possibly get her a copy of Mary Russell’s War if it is only available in an online version? It isn’t so much an aversion to electronic devices, as much as it is a lack of financial resources to purchase the device and then pay monthly fees to be part of a service, as in Verizon, etc.

    • Mary Russell says:

      I’ve sorry that some of my short stories are only available electronically. Perhaps a friend could download and print out Mary Russell’s War from Ms King’s blog. It was posted there in installments. Until such time as the publishers decide to publish short stories in print, that is the best I can offer.



  3. Wade Taylor says:

    Please pardon me for pointing this out. Ms. Russell but for you to be the partner of
    Sherlock Holmes you must be into your second century. I want to believe you and Mr. Holmes are or were real people. Your claim to be over 100 years old makes me wonder.

    • Mary Russell says:

      As many of my twitter followers have heard, Holmes has created an elixir concocted from royal bee jelly. It has allowed Holmes at 155 to feel and look a mere 75. I am 116 but fancy I look to be in my mid-60s. Our lives are still very, very full.


  4. Wade Taylor says:

    I will find it in kindle. Please consider as asking Jenny Sterling to read to book into an audio format.

    • Mary Russell says:

      As there are so many illustrations in my War Journal it would be a difficult audio book to produce adequately. Thank you for your interest.


  5. Wade Taylor says:

    As the report of Mr. Holmes death was exaggerated in the Final problem, I am certain the death reported in the latest book is an equal fabrication.

    The best BBC Sherlock Holmes was probably the one portrayed by the Late Jeremy Brett. They showed enough data for me to come to the same conclusion as Holmes. I’m bringing this up because I process data the same way you and Mr Holmes do. The more clues you can provide and still keep it interesting the better, please, Ms. Russell.

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