Memoir publication day

Today marks the publication of my fourteenth full-length Memoir,

which bears the rather whimsical title of The Murder of Mary Russell. One supposes that my audience is intended to speculate that, if I was murdered in 1925, who then has been posting here and on Twitter (https://twitter It is indeed an interesting conundrum, and one that reading the current Memoir may help to solve.

I trust, and hope, that you enjoy the book.



  1. Emily Hornaday says:

    Dear Ms. King;

    Having read the latest memoir from your illustrious client, I find it difficult to comment without disclosing many shocking aspects that would ruin it for other fans who have yet to complete the manuscript. Yet, comment I must. Thus, after thinking about it for a full evening, I have decided to discuss important concepts presented rather than detailing any of the content within its pages.

    I have been lucky enough to have read Miss Russell’s adventures since you first brought them to an eager audience more than two decades ago. All of us were excited to learn more about the Great Detective who had been absent from public view for far too long. And learn about him we did, but even more amazing was making the acquaintance of a remarkable teenage girl, who over the years would eventually become his partner in every way.

    The most recent account from Miss Russell details an episode that shakes her universe to the very core, and along with it forever alters my own understanding of that universe. I am now forced to alter my own beliefs; beliefs that I have held for decades. Beliefs that were very dear, even cherished.

    That has gone down hard. Very hard, indeed. It is said that sometimes the truth cuts very close to the bone. In this instance, some of the bone itself was sacrificed. I will turn 60 years old this year — Miss Russell’s current manuscript has unexpectedly shown me something shocking within my own psyche: I have found that there are some things that I simply would rather NOT know, ever.

    What happens then when this information is unexpectedly exposed to the light of day? It forces me to adjust to the new reality. Frankly in this instance, I do not want to adjust, and even more frighteningly, I may be unable to do so. If I cannot, I will have to distance myself from a universe that has been a stable and deeply satisfying presence in my life for many, many years.

    I fervently hope that in time, I can make peace with the truths revealed and return to Miss Russell with an even deeper commitment to read everything and anything that touches her, and the lives of everyone around her. Until then, I feel a deep, sleep disturbing sadness that no words can express.

  2. Wade Taylor says:

    It is an end of the participation of one of the women in Sherlock Holmes life. But not necessarily the end of series. I will say no more.

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