My Marriage. (Also Holmes’)

My husband, Sherlock Holmes, had a number of cases for which—as he informed his then-housemate and occasional partner, Dr Watson—the world was not prepared.  And indeed, still is not.

I, too have had events about which I do not care to speak, although not being a man, I tend to keep those to myself, to avoid the pleas of an importuning public.  One of those events was my marriage, to which I have made scant reference over the years.  However, when my literary agent, Laurie R. King, presented the case for publication of that episode in my life, she did point out that my public had proved itself to be both mature and polite, and although speculations there might be, they have only occasionally raised their collective voice in something resembling a demand.

So yes, I have given her permission to reward their good manners by telling them the story of my wedding ceremony, which I admit is not without its points of amusement.

Even after all these years, I remain grateful that the butler did not appear with a shot-gun.  It would not have pleased Mrs Hudson in the least.


“The Marriage of Mary Russell” (Why not, one wonders, “…of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes? Ah well.) is available as an electronic manuscript for various devices.  Its web page is to be found, here (http://www NULL.laurierking One may pre-order it in the United States from Kindle (http://www or Nook (http://www NULL.barnesandnoble, and I shall post the British edition when I am given that information.

In addition, Ms King is writing a series of “blog posts” (Such a grating word, “blog,” is it not?) in support of the apparently amusing conceit that she is the author of the Memoirs, including this one concerning my marriage.  Those posts can be seen by clicking one’s cursor on the word here, here (http://www NULL.laurierking

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