My War

A series of juvenilia is appearing as an ongoing series of posts on the blog of my literary agent, Laurie R. King.  Each Monday, she adds one more of the weekly journal posts I kept a century ago, beginning with the declaration of War in August, 1914. 

Reading it is an occasionally amusing, sometimes painful, evocation of those early months of the Great War, from the perspective of a young girl in San Francisco, California.  One may follow the sequence of events here (http://www NULL.laurierking


  1. Wes Williams says:

    As to warfare in general, the major participants were fighting based on the previous wars, (many lessons forgotten!)
    WW1 exposed the collective psyche of mankind to a darker technology never before imagined,
    Extensive use of submarines, even with their limited capabilities, Machine guns, Flame throwers, Aircraft and
    Airships with the bombardments from above, Poison gases, Massed artillery barrages, Barbed wire, Tanks, etc.
    the stagnation of trench warfare, often mere yards fought over weeks and months.
    astronomical casualty rates, the wastefulness and arrogance of (often unqualified) command staff
    and (ill equipped) officers in the field. (Gallipoli; bayonet charges into massed machine gun fire. stupid waste)
    example; Verdun 1915; 1 month battle- 1.5 million casualties. afterwards the area looked like the surface of the moon.
    1914 to 1918 a total of 13 Million casualties. among that number; 7/8 of the male population of England.
    But, occasionally there were bright moments (Christmas truce 1915, military humor, individual acts of heroism.)

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