One Week To Release of “Beekeeping for Beginners”

Both of my literary agent’s publishers, Bantam in the US and Allison & Busby in the UK, have come up with very attractive “covers” (can an ephemeral book be said to have a cover?) for their e-books of Beekeeping for Beginners, scheduled for release on July 6. Some pre-ordering information is here (http://www NULL.laurierking ) and more will be posted there soon.


  1. Nancy Adams (http://nancyadamsfiction says:

    Is there any chance of a pdf format or print release for those of us without e-readers?


    Nancy Adams

    • Mary Russell says:

      I’m told, by those who know these things, that “Beekeepers For Beginners” will be available to download to a computer if you don’t have an e-reader.

      Mary Russell

  2. Merrily Taylor says:

    Great covers, both. My Kindle is all fired up and ready to go! I am really looking forward to hearing of Miss Russell’s first meeting with Mr. Holmes, from his point of view.

  3. laura says:

    I haven’t heard much of Holmes recently,
    where is he? What’s he doing?

    • Mary Russell says:

      Holmes keeps busy with his experiments, his bees, and his writing. He stays in Sussex for the most part. Occasionally he consults for various governmental agencies.

      “Beekeeping for Beginners” is the first time he has allowed his notes to be used exclusively for a memoir. I’m hoping it won’t be the last time.

      Mary Russell

      • a fan of deduction says:

        i am going to read the series and i am wondering whats the whole mary rustle holmes thing about i have heard a bit about it from my librarian but not much. i am hoping it is good and if it is ( as holmes does ) i will try to forget. ( chuckles )

        • a fan of deduction says:

          i mean if its bad i will forget about it silly me sorry. i have heard good things though about the book.

          • Mary Russell says:

            As they are my memoirs, I think they are very good. My life with Holmes has been as interesting and exciting as it has been frustrating and annoying. It is never dull.

            You can read “Beekeeping for Beginners” and if you enjoy it then read “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice,” the first of my full length memoirs. I hope you will give them a try.

            Oh, and Mycroft is doing just fine, as is Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson. Holmes’ formula of Queen Bee Jelly has worked wonders for us all.

            Mary Russell

  4. a fan of deduction says:

    is Mycroft still alive?Or no? * this is a random question *

  5. laura says:

    When is “Beekeeping for Beginners” coming out to book form, i don’t have an e-reader.
    Thanks, Mrs. Russell!
    p.s. what does Holmes think about Downey Jr. playing him?

  6. Silvii (http://www NULL.facebook NULL.php?id=100003469744322) says:

    This piece was a lifajecket that saved me from drowning.

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