Another Publication Day…Thank Heavens!


Today is publication day for the new collection of stories inspired by Holmes canon entitled, “A Study In Sherlock.” My literary agent, Ms. Laurie R King, and her friend, Mr Leslie S Klinger (author of the New Annotated Sherlock Holmes), collaborated on the concept for this anthology and the early reviews have been favourable. The list of contributing mystery writers is impressive, and as … [Read more...]

A Study in Annoying Mary Russell

When my literary agent, Laurie R King, informed me she was joining with Leslie Klinger (The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes) in a project to solicit well-known mystery writers to produce short stories “inspired by the Holmes canon” with an eye to publication as an anthology, I wished them well. I never dreamed that this collection of sixteen new short stories, titled “A Study In Sherlock,” … [Read more...]

Publication Day!

Today is publication day for Pirate King! My agent, Laurie King, is setting off on her tour, and I hope that those of you who live in one of the cities she will be visiting will come out to see her: San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Chicago, Minneapolis, St Louis, and Denver. Her schedule is Here. And to get everyone in the mood for the (admittedly preposterous!) … [Read more...]

Counting Down To “Pirate King”

Less than a week until the US release of "Pirate King," and there is still much going on in the Ten Weeks of Laurie ARrrgh King, and still prizes to be won. The Illustrated Parrot King contest will close in eight days (8 Sept). Please send Ms King your vision of the story—she tells me that multiple submissions are welcomed. The story and instructions are Here. The excellent 826 Valencia … [Read more...]

Contest Deadlines and A Parrrty

The PaiKu contest will close in one week, with voting to follow. If you have yet to submit your brilliant literary offering, you may do so Here. You only have until midnight (EST) 23 August to turn in your solution to "The Worlds Easiest Piratical Puzzle" and be in the drawing for some fine prizes. Information and the puzzle can be found Here. Lastly, our Twitter Garden Party is tomorrow. … [Read more...]