Gentle Reminder of Contest Deadlines and Party Doings

The Crossword Puzzle contest will close in one week, so if you haven’t completed your submission and sent it in, you may wish to do so Here. This Sunday Holmes and I are hosting a Twitter Garden Party at our Sussex home, and do hope you can stop by for a chat, a glass of honey wine and some of Mrs Hudson’s fancies. I suppose with the pirate theme there may be some grog and hardtack about, … [Read more...]

Contests, Parties And Other Piratical Things


With less than a month left before publication of Pirate King, the eleventh volume of my memoirs, I would like to bring to your attention the events that are taking place in coming weeks: August 21: Please join us in an evening Twitter Garden Party, held beneath the great copper beech over our terrace. Last year’s was such great fun (although the aspidistra is still recovering from the … [Read more...]

Release of the E-Novella “Beekeeping For Beginners”

Dear friends, forgive me for venturing a reminder that the short volume of Russell memoirs with the rather whimsical title Beekeeping for Beginners is available now through a number of electronic book sellers: a page with that information for those in the US can be found HERE and if you are in the UK you can access the information from the UK publisher's page HERE Beekeeping For Beginners is, … [Read more...]

One Week To Release of “Beekeeping for Beginners”


Both of my literary agent’s publishers, Bantam in the US and Allison & Busby in the UK, have come up with very attractive “covers” (can an ephemeral book be said to have a cover?) for their e-books of Beekeeping for Beginners, scheduled for release on July 6. Some pre-ordering information is here and more will be posted there soon. … [Read more...]

The British Edition


Hello, friends. Some of you might be pleased to see such a swashbuckling fellow inhabiting the British edition of my upcoming memoirs: As a pirate captain might say, Ahoy! … [Read more...]